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The Pie (Food Photography)

Food. It’s yum, it stays still when you want to take a photo of it, and you can eat it after the photo shoot!

It’s the perfect model!

As my beautiful blogolicious wife has a new found passion in life, cooking, she is constantly creating new things in the kitchen then recording her best recipes in her blog (Farmer K’s Kitchen). This works well for me because she is always wanting unique photos taken of her creations. Although I haven’t taken all of the photos on her blog, I still jump at the opportunity when she asks.

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Lightroom 4 Beta is out!

Lookie here!

I’ve just downloaded the BETA (test) version of Lightroom 4. Because this is BETA, it means that Adobe wants you me (and you) to download it (FREE) and test it out. You can download it by clicking here. You will need an Adobe ID though, but that just takes a few seconds.

I am a massive fan of Lightroom 3 and am looking forward to the improvements in version 4.

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A shot in the dark. BTS.

You may have already seen the photos of my wife and sister circulating Facebook already but here is a brief post about what happened behind the scenes.

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The Silo.

Well, I wasn’t the actual wedding photographer here but these were my friends getting married so I think that gave me a licence to go wild with my camera. I didn’t go over the top though. I respected the high-pressure job that the paid guy had and stayed well out of his way.

The wedding venue was called The Silos in the beautiful town of Berry NSW. Earlier in the day the mother of the bride showed me into one of the old empty silos where I got really excited and started to imagine what I could do with it photographically.

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Welcome to Kirk Vagg’s blog !

Hi and welcome to my blog!

My name is Kirk Vagg and I’ve been a photographer for many years. I’ve experimented with many genres but in recent times I’ve realised my true passion. Photographing people. Although I do stillchase lightning storms and race to catch a setting sun, I always find more depth in capturing people.

This is your official invitation to join me in my journey through the ever-changing, yet never-changing world of photography.

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